Immortal Planet is an action-RPG inspired by Dark Souls and is out now

Immortal Planet out now

If you’re going to imitate another game, make it a good one. Action-RPG Immortal Planet has at least got that right, aping the progression system and more from Dark Souls. It’s a Soulslike, then, a term which I suspect will irritate certain people as much as roguelike. It launched on Steam and GOG this week. 

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Players will find themselves waking up on a frozen world, absent of memories, where they’ll need to fight their way through challenging enemies in levels with single checkpoints. Die, and you’ll lose all your hard-won experience, but just like in Dark Souls, it’s all recoverable.

It’s also a bit of a looker, with a subdued, minimalist design that is nonetheless eye-catching. If you want a better look, check some gameplay recorded back in May.

Immortal Planet is out now for £9.89/$13.49 on Steam and $12.74 on GOG.