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Immortals Fenyx Rising - where to find pomegranates

Keep your health maxed out by stocking up on lots of pomegranates

On the hunt for pomegranates in Immortals Fenyx Rising? Storing a healthy supply of pomegranates will ensure you’re always able to heal up during a fight. Not only can you eat pomegranates to regenerate your health, you can also use them to create powerful healing potions. A standard healing potion instantly restores two bars of health – not bad for something created entirely using free fruit.

The health system in Immortals Fenyx Rising is very simple: your health will regenerate depending on how many health bars you have remaining. If you lose a health bar in combat, you’ll be locked out of regenerating that bar unless you eat a pomegranate or drink a health potion.

There’s a way to stockpile as many pomegranates as you can carry, but you have to know where to find them. Though you can find a few pomegranates in baskets near statues across the island, the best way to farm them involves going to specific locations on the map. Here’s where to find pomegranates in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising pomegranate locations

Exploring the map in Immortals Fenyx Rising will take you quite some time- fortunately, the best place to find pomegranates has already been discovered. Opening your map will reveal the Valley of Eternal Spring, where an abundance of pomegranates await you. Not every tree in this location will drop pomegranates, but a large number of them should carry some fruit.

Every tree in the Valley of Eternal Spring has the chance of carrying some pomegranates, so the best way to maximise your chances of finding them is to head to areas with forests. There are a number of prime locations featuring numerous trees – it’s simply a matter of choosing one of these spots. Once you fast travel away from your chosen area, the fruit will reappear again within a few minutes, making the pomegranates easy to farm.

Before attempting to farm pomegranates, you should spend two Coins of Charon on the Telekinesis Gathering skill. This will allow you to pick up multiple pomegranates at once, limiting the amount of fruit you accidentally leave on the ground. Acquiring this skill at the beginning of the game will also make gathering resources much easier in general

You can pick pomegranates off tree branches -we recommend harvesting them on foot as it’s difficult to acquire them while gliding. There is another way to harvest them – it requires the Axe of Atalanta which is unlocked in the prologue. Find a tree with pomegranates on the branches and whack it with your axe. The pomegranates should fall from the tree, and depending on the size of the tree, you may knock the tree down with it.

Be careful not to grab too many pomegranates at once. There seems to be a limit on how many pomegranates can be on the floor at any given time, so target one tree and move on to the next after picking up the fruit. Some larger trees require a few hits to get the pomegranates on the ground – be sure to hit big trees a few times if the fruit doesn’t immediately fall to the ground.

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