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Immortals Fenyx Rising stamina upgrades - how to climb and swim faster

Climb and swim faster and further with these handy tips and tricks

Want to start climbing and swimming further and faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising? The glide ability granted by the Icarus Wings makes traversing the island a breeze, but you’ll need to climb up tall structures in order to take full advantage of this. Likewise, accessing new locations occasionally requires you to swim, but you’ll need a lot of stamina to get to your desired location.

Without any skills, ascending mountains and swimming across seas is a challenging task at the beginning of the game. You do always have the option of using Blue Mushrooms and Stamina Potions, but unless you’ve stocked up on a lot of these items in advance, this might not get you very far. There are also methods that can help you conserve stamina, but the easiest trick is to increase your stamina bar and unlock specific skills.

Once you’re past the game’s prologue, you’re able to upgrade your climbing and swimming abilities to go further and faster than before. Keep reading to find out exactly what you should invest your skill points into, and other tricks you can utilise to climb and swim more efficiently.

How to increase your stamina bar in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The main resource that stops Fenyx from climbing and swimming further is the length of the stamina bar. You start the game with just four stamina bars, but you can gain additional bars by spending Zeus’ Lightning, a currency gained after completing a Vault of Tartaros. At any point in the game, you can pull up the map and fast travel directly to the Hall of the Gods. From this location, head over to the Bench of Zeus to upgrade your stamina.

If you want to increase your stamina bar without having to do any hard work, head to the top of the Observatory to find a chest. Here, you unlock the Valor of the Soldier breastplate which increases your maximum stamina by one bar. You can increase this even further by upgrading the breastplate at the Forge of Hephaistos. Swapping to the Valor of the Soldier breastplate replaces your starting armour, the Robes of the New Olympian, which grants the user an additional health bar.

We recommend prioritising your stamina upgrades over almost any other upgrade in the game. Stamina has a massive impact on how far you’re able to travel, and it’s more convenient to have a larger stamina bar rather than resorting to your supply of stamina items.

Immortals Fenyx Rising stamina items

Throughout your adventures, you should’ve stumbled upon quite a few Blue Mushrooms. These mushrooms can regenerate a small amount of your stamina at any point in time. Similarly, you can consume Stamina Potions to regenerate two whole stamina bars, though there is a cooldown period on how many you can consume within a certain time frame.

You can create your own Stamina Potions by finding a Cauldron of Circe. These cauldrons can be found throughout the map, though if you want to get to one quickly, simply head back to the Hall of the Gods. It costs five Blue Mushrooms to create one Stamina Potion, a worthy trade considering the amount of stamina gained from consuming one of these potions. You can travel across great distances if you stock up on multiple potions, so it’s important to keep several on you at all times.

Immortals Fenyx Rising climbing upgrades

Throughout your journey, you’ll find Coins of Charon inside chests dotted around the island. After completing the prologue, you should have enough Coins of Charon to purchase a few upgrades. Go back to the Hall of the Gods to find the River Styx Cistern. From here you’ll be able to unlock the Climb Leap ability. For two Coins of Charon, you can leap while climbing across any structure. While this does use up a chunk of your stamina, it’s more efficient than regular climbing.

Immortals Fenyx Rising swimming upgrades

Just like the Climb Leap ability, the Swim Dash ability only costs two Coins of Charon, but provides much more utility than its low price suggests. Swim Dash allows you to perform the dodge action while swimming – this even works while swimming beneath the surface for those hard to reach treasures at the bottom of the sea. Swim Dashing does consume stamina, but again, it’s much faster than swimming normally.

If you do decide to focus on gaining stamina over health, you need lots of healing to keep you going. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our where to find pomegranates guide.