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New Steam RPG is an artsy Deathloop, with 9/10 reviews and a demo

In Stars and Time is a brand new time loop turn-based RPG that looks and sounds truly phenomenal, and you can try the game with a demo.

In Stars and Time Steam: a close up of a person lay on some grass in black and white color, with an eyepatch, long hair and a big hat

I love spotlighting new and exciting indies, and In Stars and Time is one of them. Just released on Steam as I type this, the expressive time-loop turn-based RPG is getting rave reviews that praise everything from its unique style to well-realized characters, a solid spin on time-loops and turn-based combat, and a whole lot more.

In Stars and Time already looks to have what it takes to be the next big indie RPG game hit. Between an attention-grabbing art style, a unique spin on the age-old time loop trope, and a set of already glowing reviews, this is a new indie that needs to be on your radar.

Our lovely sister site Pocket Tactics gave the game 9/10 in their In Stars and Time review on the Nintendo Switch, touting how the modern classic of an RPG asks great questions of the time-loop genre with emotive characters and a truly flawless art style. I’d fully recommend giving that a read if you’re on the fence – especially before you try the game out for yourself.

That’s right, while In Stars and Time is out right now on Steam and other platforms, it also has a demo that just begs you to try it out for yourself. I’m a sucker for a good time loop videogame myself, with the likes of Deathloop, Majora’s Mask, Returnal, and Outer Wilds among my favorite games ever made – and I may have just found another.

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Telling the story of Siffrin and their merry band of adventuring friends, In Stars and Time is a time-loop turn-based RPG where only Siffrin remembers each loop and uses that knowledge to better equip themself for the next one. Oh, and you can eat samosas with your mates, so who doesn’t love that?

I can also already see the EarthBound (and by extension Undertale, of course) influences on this game. Between the overall presentation to the humor and wonderfully spritely music too. As a turn-based RPG game fan who sees most of the genre not click with me unless it’s doing something a little more, I am well up for this game.

You can find In Stars and Time on Steam right now, alongside the free demo that lets you try out the game before diving into the full thing. In Stars and Time released on Monday, November 20 and costs $19.99 / £16.75

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