Double Fine’s Broken Age hits digital shelves on January 14th via Steam Early Access

Broken Age Early Access launches on January 14th

The first half of Broken Age has been released; read our Broken Age Act 1 review.

Grim Fandango was released in 1998. Sixteen years ago. Just let that sink in. The last time I played an adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, I was still in school, and my ability to play games was restricted by my ability to finish homework first. 1998 was also when it became clear that the adventure game genre was in serious trouble, a pickle it wouldn’t get out of for a decade. 

But now we live in brave new times, and Double Fine’s new adventure game, Broken Age, is set to release through Early Access on Tuesday, revealed by Schafer himself on Twitter. If you backed the Kickstarter, expect to get sent codes for the first episode soon, with the public beta getting announced after. 

Obviously, a lot is riding on Broken Age being rather good. The first high profile Kickstarter, and one that generated a whopping $3.3 million, there are high expectations, especially after it was announced that the game would need to be split into two because it was more expensive than initially expected – despite the Kickstarter only asking for $400,000.

With familiar voices like Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Will Wheaton, Jennifer Hale, there’s no dearth of talent involved in the project, expensive talent, no doubt.

And don’t mind me, I’m just sacrificing a few goats to ensure that it’s rad.