Enemy Starfighter headed to PAX


Man, it’s a great time if you’re into your space games. We’ve recently seen the phenomenal-looking X Rebirth emerge from the shadows, seen Star Citizen reap massive rewards from Kickstarter, and the likes of Kerbal Space Program and Take On Mars offer more science-heavy explorations of our wonderful galaxy. Enemy Starfighter is the new indie on the star block, and it looks every bit as special in its own way. It’ll be at PAX Prime in the Indie Megabooth the first weekend of September. 

The bold colours and sharp lines of Enemy Starfighter give it a unique, funky look that goes hand-in-hand with what appears to be wonderfully speedy combat. Developer Marauder Interactive will have a playable build at the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd September. If you’re heading out there, this looks like one you should certainly take time to seek out.

Follow more of Enemy Starfighter’s progress at the game’s website.