X Rebirth trailer warps in


X Rebirth has finally warped into release; here’s our X Rebirth review.

If the PC is the true home of anything, it’s the space sim. Trading, battling, exploring the inky black; the PC has always done life in space at its very best. And now one of the very best series is making a return. X Rebirth has its very first trailer, and you really don’t want to miss it. 

It’s not very often these days that trailers make my jaw drop. This one did. So all I can really say is crank the video up to 1080p, hit full screen, and take it all in.

The trailer really demonstrates the scope of the game, from the massive expanses of space to the narrow, industrial corridors of your very own ship. From the grand overall idea of trading and conquering to produce an empire, to the tiniest details in the cockpit command console, X Rebirth really does look like it could be something special.

For now that’s all we have, but do keep one eye on the stars for further news on this one.

Thanks, elvismiggell.