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Kerbal Space Program plants its flag in schools on December 18

Kerbal Space Program

A school-friendly version of Kerbal Space Program (which we’re big fans of here, if you read our Kerbal Space Program review) known as KerbalEdu is set to launch on December 18. A small number of schools are preparing to use it, but with more hopefully joining them. TeacherGaming is managing the venture, and has 2000 schools in its network.

Around the same time, Kerbal .23 will be going live with big changes to the science research feature, promoting more rewarding long term research and less repetative experimentation. Sounds like it’s a splendid time to be a fan of the space sim, especially if you’re a kid. 

Kerbal Space Program is a pretty complex affair, but KerbalEdu will be more transparent, educating kids by revealing exactly what the problem is with their build using the craft analyser tool. If a craft is using the wrong components or is too overloaded to make it off the launchpad, the analyser will reveal what the issue is, setting children on the path to solving the problem themselves.

The development team has been assisting in the setting up of the project, but eventually it will be completely managed by TeacherGaming, which also runs MinecraftEdu. If you’re a molder of young minds, check out the KerbalEdu website for more information on how you can join the network.

Read our chat with Squad and TeacherGaming for more on their aims with KerbalEdu.

Cheers, PCGamer.