Monochromatic FPS Betrayer launches on March 24th

Betrayer launches on March 24th

Betrayer is out now; heres’ our Betrayer review.

Betrayer has made me rather scared of many things: trees, monochrome colour palettes, 17th Century Spaniards… okay, so maybe just three things. Blackpowder’s haunting FPS mystery is unsettled the bejesus out of me when I played a preview build last year, and I expect it to do the same when it leaves Early Access in the 24th.

It’s finished, revealed Blackpowder – a studio made up from ex-Monolith folk – last week. “We’re grateful for all the feedback and suggestions the community provided during our Early Access. Your involvement resulted in many new features and refinements and helped us make a better, richer game experience.”

When it launches on the 24th, the retail price will be £14.99/$19.99, Blackpowder said, but until then you can still grab it for the Early Access price of £11.99/$14.99.

Cheers, Eurogamer.