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Runic Games on Torchlight 2 release: “We have *unprecedented* demand”


Torchlight 2 has officially been released and is now available to play on Steam or good old fashioned retail DVD. Even though the game has been released nearly a year behind schedule, enabling Runic to give it some more polish, they are taken aback by the huge demand.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Runic are doing everything in their power to make sure the game launches as smoothly as possible. “We have *unprecedented* demand here, be patient with us. All 33 of us are working like crazy to make it happen.”

The main reason Runic are experiencing high traffic is due to the fact you need to make an account on their site to play multiplayer. Even though it’s only intermittently working, Runic reassure fans not to worry. “Thanks for being patient with us, we’re working hard. And YES you can start playing in SP/offline and carry your same character into MP/LAN!”

No need to worry then, we can all get cosy with our heroes in single player until it’s fixed. Just be happy you can play it offline, lets not be reminded of a certain launch stubmble. In the meantime find out why Torchlight 2 might better than Diablo 3. Yes, you did read that right.