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Scrolls is in open beta; buy your way into Mojang’s follow-up to Minecraft


Four years since Minecraft’s alpha first went on sale, Mojang have launched the beta for their second game, Scrolls. This isn’t Scrolls full release. Following the model of Minecraft, the collectible card game is being launched in a playable form which the developer will be iterating on in the coming months, adding new features, balancing items, and responding to feedback from the community to improve it.

Along with Banner Saga and Card Hunter, Scrolls is a collectible card game. The aim is to build a deck of complementing warriors which you use to battle across hex-based boards in 1v1 duels.

Scrolls is clearly a departure from Mojang’s last release, Minecraft. There’s little besides the business model and the logo on the splash screen to link the two games. Where Minecraft was a 3D voxel-based, procedurally generated sandbox, Scrolls is a game rigidly bound in interweaving rules and is all presented through detailed 2D artwork.

This is partly because, while Minecraft was largely the work of Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, Scrolls has been designed by Jakob Porsér, another team member at Mojang. Notch is working on 0x10c, his space programming sandbox game.

You can buy into the beta for Scrolls for just under £13 from the game’s website.