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Grab this underrated atmospheric robot filled FPS for free this week

Industria is a spooky, surreal, and stunning FPS that released back in 2021 and you can grab it for free, as long as you do it this week.

Grab this underrated atmospheric robot filled FPS for free this week: A spooky headless robot stands in a ruined scene in Industria.

Half-Life 2 has had a lot of children, even if they’re not directly spawned by the legendary juggernaut. Industria, a surreal, atmospheric puzzle-filled FPS definitely owes a lot to Valve’s game, but it manages to carve out an identity all of its own. One of 2021’s most underrated games it can now be yours to keep for free, but you’ll have to make sure you grab it before this week’s over.

The setup for Industria may seem familiar to those who’ve dipped their toes into a few FPS games. You’re going about your day when everything goes wrong and suddenly you’re zapped into an alternate dimension where things have gone even more wrong. If that were all Industria had to hold, it’d be easily dismissible, but how it handles its alternate-universe adventure and its strange, often-Lynchian tone, sets it utterly apart.

This isn’t one of those shooters where you’re mowing down enemies, though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. It’s a game where enemies are light on the ground, each one taking preparation and planning to take down successfully. Its medley of robotic minions truly terrify on first sight, making each encounter an event in its own right.

Industria is a muted, contemplative affair which sees you explore ruined streets and buildings, with scarce weapons and ammo, all the time hunting down your missing work colleague who… no, we won’t spoil what happens. That’s all before we get on to its surreal interstitial segments set in monochrome East German buildings, odd whispers and strange sounds suffusing the air, which drop into the game in-between levels.

A screenshot from Industria which shows the player shooting at a series of small robotic dogs who are getting awfully close.

Industria is currently a free game on the Epic Games store from Thursday, April 25 through Thursday, May 2. Secure your copy by heading over here before the week’s out.

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That isn’t the only game that’s free this week, you can also get your hands on LISA: Definitive Edition. This pixel-powered post-apocalyptic black comedy RPG combines LISA – The Painful and the LISA – The Joyful DLC into one package. LISA: Definitive Edition is free to own on Epic from Thursday, April 25 until Thursday, May 2. Grab yours by scooting over to the Epic store now.

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