We’ve got 100 codes for Infinite Crisis’ Poison Ivy and her Autumn skin. Would you like one?

Infinite Crisis

Turbine’s MOBA versioning of the DC multiverse might be in a perpetual state of catastrophe, but never let it be said that Infinite Crisis is unchanging. Now the trees are bare and the Steam Autumn Sale approaches, Poison Ivy has dredged up seasonally golden garb from somewhere in the post-apocalyptic ruins.

Follow our instructions to the letter and you can be in with a chance of unlocking the champion and her Autumn/Winter wardrobe for free.

Each Autumn code is good for one Poison Ivy champion unlock, plus her Autumn Queen costume.

If you’d like to register your interest in having one, you’ll want to sign into your PCGamesN account and pop your email address into the widget below.

We’ll send you an email if you get a code, at which point you’ll need to log into the Infinite Crisis site with a Warner Brothers ID. They can be registered on the IC account page if you don’t have one already.

Then! You can head to the code redemption page and select a region server to tie it to – an important stage to get right, because the unlocks will only be applicable there.

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