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Faster 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs rumoured to launch next year

New Raptor Lake processors may be available next year with higher clock speeds, but they won't feature any additional performance or efficient cores

A 13th Gen Intel Core processor against a blue-white silicon board

13th Gen Intel Core CPUs are already plenty fast when it comes to running the latest PC games, thanks to their speedy specs. However, it appears that team blue may be planning to release even faster models for its Raptor Lake range next year.

These rumoured upcoming 13th Gen Intel Core processors won’t feature any additional performance or efficient cores, with the company instead choosing to boost the chips’ clock speeds. This is according to hardware leaker ECSM_Official, who took to bilibili to share this information.

While every little helps in the race for the title of the best gaming CPU, we shouldn’t expect drastically faster clock speeds according to this leak. ECSM_Official claims that “the main frequency will be 0.1GHz~0.2GHz higher” on these new 13th Gen Intel Core chips, which should emerge in mid-late 2023.

It’s unclear how they’ll stack up against the Intel Core i9 13900KS, which is also scheduled to launch next year. However, the real challenge for these new Raptor Lake processors will likely be Ryzen 7000 CPUs armed with 3D V-Cache.