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Intel’s new CPU will have fastest ever clock speed, says retailer leak

A retail listing for the upcoming processor has seemingly confirmed that the upcoming Intel flagship will boost all the way up to 6.2GHz.

An Intel Core processor in an LGA 1700 socket

Details on the Intel Core i9 14900KS continue to spill out onto the internet, making it one of the worst kept secrets in the PC space. Now, as retailers begin to populate listings for the CPU, it’s all but confirmed that this processor will feature record breaking clock speeds.

While clock speeds aren’t the be all and end all of processor performance, they are nonetheless an important part of the spec that separates the best gaming CPUs from lesser stock. While AMD has chosen to place its efforts in its own 3D V-Cache technology, Intel leads the way when it comes to clock speeds, and the Core i9 14900KS looks to continue this trend.

According to a retail listing on PC Canada (via momomo_us) for the still yet to be confirmed Core i9 14900KS, the supercharged processor will pack a stock turbo boost clock of up to 6.2GHz. With this stat under its proverbial belt, it’s set to usurp the Core i9 14900K with its 6GHz turbo clock speed.

Aside from this 200MHz differential, though, the two chips will be identical, as per previous releases of KS chips. This isn’t the only trait the 14900KS will apparently share with its predecessors, as the CPU is set to draw an unsightly amount of power, so you’ll need one of the best CPU coolers to keep it in check.

This is, of course, if you can get your hands on one, as 14900KS stock is expected to be very limited, let alone afford one given rumors of the the Core i9 14900KS price. In case it wasn’t already clear, this will be a CPU release for select enthusiasts rather than most gamers.

Don’t worry about missing out on the performance of the 14900KS for gaming, though, as the cheaper Ryzen 7 7800X3D is likely to be just as quick, if not more so, in many games.