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Intel Arc 7 GPUs include a free copy of Modern Warfare 2

Intel Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards will come bundled with Modern Warfare 2, and you can also claim free Gotham Knights, Ghostbusters, and The Settlers keys

Intel Arc A770 GPU with Modern Warfare 2 soldiers in backdrop

Intel Arc 7 graphics cards are on the way, and the A770 and A750 will come bundled with free copies of Modern Warfare 2. You’ll be also able to grab three additional games by joining the company’s Gaming Access program, including the upcoming superhero romp Gotham Knights.

In the latest Intel Arc 7 graphics card performance video, the company’s marketing director, Ryan Shrout says the company is “bringing back balance” within the GPU scene. The presentation primarily focuses on the differences between the A770/A750 and Nvidia RTX 3060, with the flagship allegedly offering 53% more “perf per dollar”.

To help sweeten the deal, Shrout reveals that both the A770 and A750 will include free keys for Modern Warfare 2 – the latest COD caper that costs around $69.99 USD. By joining Intel’s Gaming Access Program, early bird buyers can add three more games to the freebie pile, as Gotham Knights, and Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed are also up for grabs.

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The A750 comes with a $289 USD price tag attached, so Intel’s bundle is arguably great value for money. Sure, playing Modern Warfare 2 on anything above an RTX 3060 will help you boost fps at higher resolutions, but the extra GPU goodies could help Alchemist gain ground in the cheap gaming PC scene.

It’s worth reiterating that while Arc 7 GPUs will arrive at the same time as RTX 4000 in October, they for the best graphics card crown. Instead, the budget newcomer will target the green team’s entry-level offerings and potentially poach some space within the market. By doing so, Intel’s plan to release a new card every year till 2025 may come to fruition, which in turn will help the firm rise as a serious Nvidia and AMD rival.