Intel Arc A770 and A750 GPU release date may be near

The launch of Intel Arc A7 series desktop products is "in sight" according to team blue, suggesting the release date isn't much further away

An Intel Arc A series graphics card, either an A770 or A750, sits against a purple backdrop

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 will be the most powerful graphics cards in the company’s line-up when it pushes them to market, but we still don’t yet know when the Intel Arc Alchemist release date will be. However, it appears that team blue may be planning to launch its top tier very soon.

In an update to the winners of the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt found on the Intel Insiders Community discord, the company says “the launch of the Intel Arc A7 series desktop products are now in sight!” While team blue’s statement lacks details on a specific release date, it does at the very least indicate we should prepare for a launch in the very near future.

While the A770 and A750 should be the best graphics cards to get from the Arc A series for those who prioritise performance above all else, the A380 could prove a boon for budget buyers. That is, of course, if Intel decides to release it outside of China.

For now, we’ll have to settle for watching others overclock the A380 for some serious gains in Doom Eternal, but hopefully not for too much longer. Intel will want to release its graphics cards, including the A770 and A750, as soon as possible, unless they fancy going toe to toe with AMD RDNA 3 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 GPUs later this year.