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Intel’s core Arrow Lake CPU specs just leaked

The number of cores in Intel's new CPU lineup has reportedly been revealed, covering the Core Ultra 285K, 275, 265K, 255, 245K, and 240F.

Intel Core Ultra Arrow Lake CPU core count specs leak

More details about the forthcoming Intel Arrow Lake CPU launch have appeared, with the latest leak purportedly telling us how many cores will be found in six of the new chips in the desktop Core Ultra lineup. These newly leaked Intel Arrow Lake specs also tell us the base power levels, and they’re thankfully all well below that of the Intel Core i9 14900KS.

We’ll have to wait and see whether these new Intel CPUs are worthy of being listed on our best gaming CPU guide, but the indications are that Intel is reducing clock speeds, but sticking with similar core counts to the CPUs in its 14th gen range.

This latest leak builds on the information about Intel Arrow Lake CPU names that leaked earlier in May 2024, and comes from Benchlife, which says it has extra information about the new CPUs. At the top of the pile is the Core Ultra 9 285K, which reportedly has eight P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, but no support for Hyper-Threading. According to the leak, the 285K has a base power rating of 125W, which is 25W lower than the 150W of the Core i9 14900KS.

Intel’s new Arrow Lake CPU core specs just leaked: Benchlife core count rumor screenshot

Down from this is the Core Ultra 9 275, which reportedly has the same 24 cores (eight P-Cores and 16 E-Cores), but a lower base power rating of 65W, which is very likely to mean it also has a reduced clock speed. Next comes the Core Ultra 7 265K which, like the Core i7 14700K, reportedly has eight P-Cores and 12 E-Cores for a total of 20, and again has a 125W base power rating. Again, the Core Ultra 7 255 sits underneath this, with a locked multiplier and lower power rating, but the same core configuration.

Where it starts to get interesting is the bottom of the list, where there are two Core Ultra 5 CPUs with different core configurations. The Core Ultra 5 245K reportedly has an unlocked multiplier, six P-Cores, and eight E-Cores, along with a 125W base power rating, similar to the Core i5 14600K. However, there’s another CPU below this, which Videocardz speculates will be called the Core Ultra 5 240(F), and has ten cores (six P-Cores and four E-Cores), similar to the Core i5 13400F.

Intel Arrow Lake specs

These are the expected Intel Arrow Lake CPU specifications, according to the latest rumors, as no official announcement has been made.

P-Cores E-Cores Base power Boost clock
Core Ultra 9 285K 8 16 125W 5.5GHz
Core Ultra 9 275 8 16 65W TBC
Core Ultra 7 265K 8 12 125W TBC
Core Ultra 7 255 8 12 65W TBC
Core Ultra 5 245K 6 8 125W TBC
Core Ultra 5 240F 6 4 65W TBC

As always, none of this information has been confirmed by Intel yet, so take all of this with a pinch of salt until the CPU specs are officially announced. We’re hoping that Intel will announce more details of the chips at Computex in June 2024, so watch this space.