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Intel Core CPUs maintain lead over AMD Ryzen among Steam users

Intel Core chips remain the preferred processor brand of choice among Steam users, likely due to the performance offered by Alder Lake and Raptor Lake

An Intel Core LGA1700 processor, the socket that powers 12th and 13th Gen Core chips

In a twist of fate that few likely saw coming, Intel Core CPUs are enjoying something of a comeback against their AMD Ryzen competitors when it comes to the processor brand of choice among Steam users. In fact, team blue is sitting pretty with over 70% market share.

The Steam Hardware & Software Survey for October 2022 shows that Intel CPUs now power 70.99% of all gaming PCs on Valve’s platform, an increase of 2.26% over the previous month. Meanwhile, AMD processors only account for 28.99%, with team red being on a downward trend since July’s peak.

Given that Intel has boasted the best gaming CPU for some time now, first with the Core i5 12600K and now with its 13600K, it’s not hard to see how team blue is winning back the hearts of gamers. These performance advantages are even more attractive considering that the platform cost of LGA1700 is much lower than AM5, the socket that powers the AMD Ryzen 7000 series.

In fact, AMD Ryzen 7000 production has slowed due to lack of interest in the series, but team red could stage a late comeback with 3D V-Cache enabled chips which are rumoured to launch later this year. For now, the best gaming PC looks to be one with an Intel inside.