Intel Core i9 14900KS CPU behemoth could be on the way

A leak suggests the Intel Core i9 14900K might be getting a bigger sibling, and this beastly processor could reach a mind-blowing 6.2GHz clock speeds.

Intel Core i9 14900KS leak: Intel Core logo appears with muscular cartoonish arms against a black background.

More Intel leaks! There’s been a deluge of news about team blue lately, especially regarding its Raptor Lake processor refresh due in the not too distant future. Well, another piece of information has emerged, pointing to us potentially being treated to the Core i9 14900KS, poised to be one of the most beastly gaming CPUs of all time.

The Intel 14th gen launch is official and you can find our Intel Core i5-14600K review here. 

News of the Intel Core i9 14900KS arrives via hardware YouTuber, Moore’s Law Is Dead. Apparently, this powerful processor could launch after the rumored i9 14900K, and he claims that, “this may be the ~6.2GHz [clock speed] SKU.” KS editions of Intel’s CPUs tend to be the most powerful of all, so the fact that the pinnacle of 14th gen processors could hit 6.2GHz clock speeds isn’t too far-fetched.

Intel Core i9 14900KS leak: a tweet from YouTuber Moore's Law Is Dead explains the rumors around Raptor Lake CPUs against an orange background.

Similar to the relationship between the i9 13900K and i9 13900KS, the i9 14900KS would likely be a souped-up version of the i9 14900K, which is no pushover itself, if the rumors are true. In fact, an Intel Core i9 14900K specs leak claims up to 15% performance boost compared to its last gen counterpart. Moore’s Law Is Dead says the i9 14900K “seems to top out at ~6GHz” clock speed,” which sounds commensurate with the 4-8% increase to single threaded performance, and 8-15% boost to multithreading output suggested by the previous leak.

When the Intel Raptor Lake refresh does arrive, we can’t wait to see how many of the CPUs get a mention in our best gaming CPU guide. It looks like the Intel Core i9 14900KS will have a great chance of an entry, if these leaks are true. You’ll have to keep an eye on Intel’s comms channels to see whether they confirm this info or not.