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Intel’s final Core i9 gaming CPU is also its most expensive

We knew Intel's last flagship 'i' branded CPU would be costly but its listed price on Microcenter is even higher than rumors suggested.

The Intel Core i9 14900KS price has seemingly just been revealed, thanks to the chip appearing on the website of retailer Microcenter. We always expected it to be pricey but this listing suggests the chip will be even more expensive than its predecessor, the 13900KS.

We’re fully expecting the 14900KS to rival some of the best gaming CPUs for both general desktop and gaming performance. However, with previous leaks showing that the chip will consume a ludicrous 400W of power when under full load, you’ll need a powerful cooler and power supply combo to tame it.

So just what is the Intel Core i9 14900KS price? $749 is the answer you’re looking for. That’s $50 more than the 13900KS was at launch and makes this the most expensive Core i9 gaming CPU the company has ever launched, discounting the HEDT Core i9 chips released several years ago now. That said, it’s still possible albeit unlikely that this isn’t representative of Intel’s MSRP and Microcenter just happens to have a rogue higher-priced listing of the chip.

The listing itself can be seen if you Google “microcenter 14900KS” with the search snippet showing the name, some details and the price of the chip. Click the link to the Microcenter website and the product isn’t actually listed, suggesting the page appeared for long enough for Google to index it before being taken down.

The listing also clearly notes that for all that cash, you don’t get a cooler with this chip. That’s not surprising for a high-end CPU but it doesn’t exactly help the value proposition of this processor. The Google snippet also shows the chip will have a 3.20GHz clock speed, house 24 cores, and use the LGA 1700 socket, mirroring 12th, 13th, and 14th gen chips like the Core i5 14600K.

According to Videocardz, Microcenter has also confirmed the full specs of the chip before the main page was taken down. Details include the 32MB of L2 and 26MB of L3 cache, 150W TDP, 6.20GHz peak clock speed, and that it’ll contain 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores.

The 14900KS is set to be the fastest clocked CPU the company has ever produced, but it likely won’t be enough to topple the AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X3D as the best gaming CPU. Not forgetting that it’ll likely consume masses of power in the process, it’ll certainly be a spectacle of a battle for supremacy.