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Intel Meteor Lake - release date speculation

All the latest potential Intel Meteor Lake release date news, along with rumoured specs, benchmark estimates, and price speculation for the gaming CPU lineup.

Intel Meteor Lake: a 3D render of a processor, against blue tinted silicon

Intel Meteor Lake is the codename for team blue’s 14th Gen Core processors, a series of chips that will likely offer a significant performance uplift versus the company’s current generation CPUs.

Upcoming Intel Meteor Lake processors will likely do battle with AMD Ryzen 8000, or 7000 series chips armed with 3D V-Cache. It’s too early to tell which lineup will contain the best gaming CPU, but you can be sure that team blue is doing everything it can to hold on to the performance crown.

Intel Meteor Lake: CEO Pat Gelsinger holding CPU

When is the Intel Meteor Lake release date?

Intel hasn’t announced a solid Intel Meteor Lake release date, but we reckon you’ll need to wait another year to get your hands on the new CPU lineup.

Intel Meteor Lake was originally rumoured to launch sometime in 2023, but this may now have been delayed to 2024. The reasons for this change may be partly down to team blue needing to rely on TSMC for at least part of its production.

During the company’s Q3 2022 earnings call, company CEO Pat Gelsinger noted that Meteor Lake processors would enter the ‘tape out’ stage in Q4 2022, so the earliest we can expect their arrival would be in the second half of 2023.

Intel Meteor Lake price speculation

There’s currently no word on how much Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will cost, which isn’t too surprising given how far away the supposed launch date is.

However, we can use previous generation pricing to create a ballpark estimate. Both the Intel Core i9 13900K and 12900K launched with an MSRP of $589 USD, meaning we shouldn’t expect a prospective i9 14900K to cost any less than around $600 USD.

If the idea of paying that much for a CPU sends a chill up your spine, don’t worry, as we can expect less powerful Core i7, i5, and i3 models to cost much less.

Intel Meteor Lake CPU render on blue backdrop

Intel Meteor Lake specs rumours

As the first processors to be built using the company’s Intel 4 (7nm) process node, we can expect Intel Meteor Lake specs to be a substantial cut above team blue’s current generation chips.

Intel Meteor Lake processors will use a brand new LGA-1851 socket, and the series performance and efficiency cores will use new architectures.

Intel Meteor Lake benchmarks rumours

There are currently no Intel Meteor Lake benchmarks that have been shared by reputable hardware leakers or by team blue itself.

As soon as any pop up, we’ll be sure to update this page. In the meantime, check out our best gaming CPU guide and our Intel Core i7 13700K review to get an understanding of what 14th Gen will build upon.