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This new Intel driver is essential for playing Multiversus and F1 24

Alongside key changes to get the best out of new releases, Intel Arc driver 101.5534 addresses known issues in other popular PC games.

Intel Multiversus and F1 24 driver

It’s always exciting when game-ready drivers arrive, and Intel is bringing full support for EA Sports F1 24 and Multiversus with Arc GPU Graphics Driver 101.5534. Despite this, some major issues have also been flagged across Arc’s discrete and iGPU lineup.

While no Intel Arc GPU occupies a spot on our list of the best graphics cards, the impending release of its Battlemage architecture could change this, if early leaks are to be believed.

This new Intel Arc Driver brings game-ready status for EA Sports F1 24 and Multiversus, meaning once you download and install this driver, you’re good to go for these games, in theory. No specific performance numbers are given, but we’ve already tested the best F1 24 settings for PC if you’re after some guidance.

Elsewhere, two fairly specific but brutal issues are flagged in the updates patch notes relating to Intel Core Ultra CPUs with built-in Arc GPUs. Both Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves may randomly crash during game loading and gameplay.

When it comes to Intel’s discrete graphics cards, the known issues noted include gameplay crashes during Enshrouded and No Rest for the Wicked. Users may also experience “intermittent flickering corruption” in Doom Eternal.

Outside of game performance, there is also an issue flagged with Intel’s Arc Control Studio. Scheduled updates for drivers may not be working as intended. This means you will have to manually download and install the driver through Control Studio, rather than relying on it to trigger according to a schedule.

The above issues are not related to the release of driver 101.5534, but instead a log of the issues encountered since the last driver update, with fixes not yet identified.

You can read our Intel Arc A770 review if you want to know more about how the Archmage architecture stacks up against the offerings from Nvidia and AMD.