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Intel Raptor Lake 6Ghz CPU could cost a chunk more than i9-13900K

Early Intel Raptor Lake i9-13900KS gaming CPU listings have emerged, and the chip seemingly costs 22% more than the currently available i9-13900K

Intel Raptor Lake CPU with money bag emoji on left and Intel themed backdrop

New Intel Raptor Lake entries will soon take the gaming CPU scene by storm, but early listings point towards a lofty 6Ghz chip price tag. The Core i9-13900K’s souped-up sibling seemingly costs 22% more than the current frontrunner, but you might want to wait for official pricing before becoming disheartened.

Intel’s next best gaming CPU contender is somewhat of a clock speed demon, as the i9-13900KS can achieve 6GHz out of the box. Leaked benchmarks for the chip are also promising, as it’s apparently both 47% faster than an Alder Lake and outpaces the Raptor Lake Core i9-13900K.

Of course, if early PC-Canada listings shared by Momomo_us are to be believed, you’ll have to pay significantly more to supercharge your rig with the chip. The retailer prices the processor at $972 CAD (just over $722 USD). That’s a 22% hike over the Core i9-13900K, which comes in at $589 USD.

Just like with all retail leaks, we’d suggest taking the early i9-13900KS listing with a grain of salt. Placeholder pricing is often inaccurate, and isn’t necessarily indicative of a final MSRP. That said, the i9-13900KS does offer enthusiast-grade performance, so don’t be too surprised if it comes with a premium price tag attached.

CES 2023 is just around the corner, and Intel is poised to reveal 16 new Raptor Lake chips. The blue team’s next wave of non-K CPUs will offer a lower TDP that’ll suit budget builders, but the leak in question fails to mention the i9-13900KS. Whether that means it’ll show up later remains to be seen, but the fact retail listings are emerging suggests otherwise.