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New Intel Raptor lake gaming CPU army set to arrive at CES

Intel is reportedly planning to launch 16 new Raptor Lake gaming CPUs at CES 2022, and the non-K variants should feature a lower TDP

Intel Raptor Lake: CEO Pat Gelsinger holding processor box that is wearing army hat emoji

A squad of Intel Raptor Lake chips will reportedly pop up at CES 2022, and the new non-K gaming CPU options consume less power than their unlocked counterparts. The 13th gen processors are apparently accompanied by mid-range motherboards, but there’s no word on the PC giant’s Core i9-13900KS flagship.

Just like Alder Lake, Intel’s locked Raptor Lake chips won’t trade blows with the best gaming CPU, but they’ll boast a lower TDP and a cheaper price tag. Typically non-K variants ditch extras like iGPU support, so you won’t be able to try running Warzone 2 without a graphics card.

According to ITHome, Intel will launch 16 Raptor Lake CPUs at an Intel CES press event (via Videocardz). In addition, reports state Intel’s mobile processor lineup will charge into battle, as Raptor Lake-H is apparently on the horizon. Unfortunately, the blue team’s impressive 6Ghz Core i9-13900KS doesn’t get a mention, so enthusiasts may have to wait a little longer for the souped-up chip.

If you’re holding out for the best gaming motherboard with Raptor Lake support, then you’re in luck, as mid-range B760 motherboards will also arrive on January 3. That’ll save you from splashing out on premium parts to enjoy features like DDR5 RAM compatibility, even if the new standard is fairly expensive.

Intel seems to be maintaining its lead over AMD for now, and its new Raptor Lake CPUs will join the flight against Zen 4. Whether the tables will turn next year remains to be seen, but a Ryzen 7000X3D contender could help pile the pressure on 14th gen Meteor Lake chips and the upcoming Core i9-13900KS.