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Diablo 4 and Dead Cells meet in new roguelike with free Steam download

Diablo 4, Dead Cells, and a little bit of Hades and Binding of Isaac combine in a new ARPG roguelike that’s available to try thanks to a free Steam download.

Intro the Necrovale Steam demo: A warrior fights a skeleton in Steam ARPG roguelike Into the Necrovale

Diablo 4. Dead Cells. Hades. The Binding of Isaac. Sometimes a game comes along that successfully combines the greatest moments of some of the best hits of recent years. Into the Necrovale, a new roguelike, is one of those games. With the dungeon-crawling gameplay of Activision Blizzard’s tentpole ARPG, a pixel-art aesthetic reminiscent of Dead Cells and – partially – Hades, and a smart take on the item system that comes right from Isaac, Into the Necrovale is even available to try for the low price of absolutely nothing, thanks to a free Steam download.

The premise is deliciously simple. Battling your way through the eponymous Necrovale, you encounter successively tougher combinations of mobs, collecting relics, items, weapons, and totems that have been left behind by the deceased explorers before you.

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Created by a single developer, Casey Clyde, Intro the Necrovale is a love letter not only to Diablo, but other icons of the ultra-tough RPG game genre. “I made this out of my love for games like Diablo, Magic the Gathering, Guild Wars, and Path of Exile,” Clyde says. “Anything where you can experiment with different skills or items, and put together your own build. In this game, I’ve created hundreds of strange and powerful items that can interact in unexpected ways.”

This is where Into the Necrovale feels a little like Binding of Isaac, as your combinations and loadouts can produce unpredictable and enigmatic effects. Like the greatest roguelikes, it encourages replays and new approaches, as you experiment with builds, start over, and experiment again.

Combined with a super-pretty pixel style, replete with bold colors and lovingly detailed character models, the full version of Into the Necrovale is coming soon. Nevertheless, you can play it in the meantime thanks to a free demo, available right now.

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