It Takes Two reaches 36k concurrent Steam players, and half of them are playing for free

Players are taking full advantage of It Takes Two's free friend's pass

It Takes Two Cody and May with weapons

It takes two people to play It Takes Two, a game so dedicated to co-op that it can only be played if you have a partner. It Takes Two launched as the best-reviewed game of 2021, and it’s slowly been growing in popularity over the past few days. It made the Steam top seller charts this week, and it’s reached a peak of over 36k concurrent players, half of which are playing for free.

Like developer Hazelight’s previous take on co-op games, A Way Out, It Takes Two offers a free friend’s pass, meaning that if you own the game, you can invite anyone to join you without making them pay for a separate copy.

Earlier today, It Takes Two reached a peak concurrent player count of 21,567, as SteamDB shows. The friend’s pass – which Steam tracks as a separate app – reached a peak of 15,872 players at the same time. That makes for a total player count of 37,439, which would put It Takes Two among Steam’s top 30 most-played games today. The only caveat is that half of those players are getting to enjoy the game for free.

“I’m actually very surprised that you don’t see more co-op only games, and I would love to see more games like this one,” director Josef Fares tells us in a recent interview. “Co-op games are underestimated from a creative perspective, it allows you to make really great stories and mechanically cool experiences.”