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Free games – Marvel vs Capcom meets Streets of Rage in co-op brawler

Grab yourself a pair of chaotic fighting games for free this week via the Epic Games Store with a co-op brawler and an arena fighter.

Jitsu Squad - A red-faced, hellow-eyed demon grins as he plays on a handheld gaming console.

Whether you’re more a fan of teaming up with friends for co-op games or going toe-to-toe with them, we’ve got a pair of free games to suit your multiplayer group’s needs. This week, you can grab a co-op game inspired by the legendary Marvel vs Capcom fighting games, along with an arena fighter featuring some familiar faces, and it won’t cost you a thing for either. If you’re looking for some silly, fun games to gather your family and friends around this holiday season, make sure not to miss out.

Jitsu Squad is the first of the week’s free PC games courtesy of the Epic Games Store. It draws inspiration from the Marvel vs Capcom series and blends it with the 2D brawler style seen in co-op games such as Streets of Rage, Final Fight, TMNT Shredder’s Revenge, and River City Girls. It’s packed with references to many of your favorite games, from the aforementioned MvC to the likes of DragonBall Z and Super Smash Bros.

Along with the option for up to four-player co-op, Jitsu Squad also includes a tag team mode, which allows you to switch between characters on the fly. That means you can flip between all four while playing solo, or take on two characters each when playing in a pair. With an immediately eye-catching art style, loving animation, a shredding soundtrack, and everything from parrying and counters to infinite juggle combos and more, Jitsu Squad pulls no punches.

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Jitsu Squad is a free game via the Epic Games Store from Thursday November 30 to Thursday December 7. It’s yours to keep once you claim it. Head here to grab your copy now.

Perhaps you and your friends or family fancy a little more of a rivalry, however. In that case, enter Mighty Fight Federation – a four-player competitive arena fighter with fourteen playable characters. Developer Komi Games calls it a throwback to the classic 3D arena fighters of the ‘90s and early ‘00s, but one that places emphasis on the fighting game fundamentals of zoning, evading, countering, and out-thinking your opponents.

With guest characters including indie platform legends Toejam and Earl, alongside more recent pairing Yooka-Laylee, Mighty Fight Federation is a great way to settle those holiday arguments about who gets the last mince pie or who has to do the washing up, without resorting to actual fisticuffs.

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Mighty Fight Federation is a free game via the Epic Games Store from Thursday November 30 to Thursday December 7. It’s yours to keep once you claim it. Head here to jump into the action for yourself.

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