This is your last chance ever to get anime game Jump Force

This is your final warning - if you ever want to own the PC version of Jump Force, you need to buy it today

Shonen Jump characters get ready to fight in the soon-to-be shut down Jump Force

Bandai Namco announced last year that the anime fighting game Jump Force and all its DLC would be delisted in February 2022, and, well… It’s February 2022. You’ll still be able to pick up physical copies of the console versions, obviously, but for PC players this is going to be your last chance ever to pick up the anime game or any of its additional content.

Jump Force will be delisted from Steam and digital stores for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on February 7 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, or February 8 at 1am GMT. That’s less than 24 hours away as this post goes live, so if you’re reading this and want to pick the game up, you’ll want to head to Steam as quickly as you can. DLC will also be delisted at this time.

If you buy it, you will continue to have access to the game and any DLC you’ve purchased after Jump Force is delisted. However, most online services will be shut down on August 25. Unranked online fights will continue to be available, but otherwise it’s going to be a mostly solo affair.

Jump Force initially launched in February 2019, so it’s going down just three years after release. Publisher Bandai Namco hasn’t been specific about why the game’s being delisted, but it’s safe to guess it has something to do with licensing issues. While all the characters present appear in Shonen Jump manga, they’re often handled by a wide array of disparate licensors around the world.

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