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Stunning new space co-op game gets wishlisted 30,000 times in one day

Taking on Starfeld, No Man’s Sky, and FTL, a bold new space co-op game heading to Steam has been wishlisted 30,000 times in a single day.

Jump Ship Steam space game: Two ships chasing one another in Steam space game Jump Ship

Somehow, FTL, one of the best roguelikes to ever hit PC, manages to make panic and terror feel fun. The engines are on fire. There are pirates on the starboard bow. You can’t find a wrench. It’s this chaos and calamity that defines a true space game – a pseudo simulation of the clutchest moments from Star Trek, Star Wars, and all their contemporaries. Taking a couple of cues from No Man’s Sky and picking up some of the slack from Starfield, a new co-op shooter, set in the far reaches of the galaxy, is shaping up to be one of the most promising new games of 2024, and it’s just picked up a staggering 30,000 new wishlists in a single day.

Jump Ship is a co-op, FPS space game with an important detail: you can move seamlessly between the interior and exterior of your ship, and the surface of the planet you’re exploring. It sounds minor, but it’s fundamental to the Jump Ship experience. In a team of four, you each take responsibility for one aspect of your star-faring vessel – there are no strict classes or roles, but to be successful, it pays to be organized.

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While one person steers, another sweats it out in the engine room, removing and replacing fuses and plugs to redirect power wherever it’s urgently needed. The third crew member might handle damage control, running back and forth the length of the craft putting out fires. Lastly, you can have someone on the exterior guns, reinforcing the main cannon with frantic turret fire.

Everything is fluid. Everything is persistent. If you want to ditch the guns, run inside, and help out with the engines, you can. If you want to jump off the ship completely and jet pack down to the ground (maybe to look for supplies, or maybe to abandon your team before they all get killed) that’s an option, too. Created by former developers from Mojang and It Takes Two creator Hazelight, PCGamesN spoke to the newly formed Keepsake Games about Jump Ship at this year’s GDC. Since then, the space shooter has exploded in popularity.

On Monday April 15, more than 30,000 people added Jump Ship to their personal Steam wishlists – Keepsake Games’ CEO Daniel Kaplan shares a behind-the-scenes graph which shows Jump Ship leaping from an average 5,000 new wishlists per day to just over 35,000 on April 15.

Jump Ship new Steam space game: A graph showing the Steam wishlist numbers for space game Jump Ship

Kaplan adds that the game has been wishlisted more than 180,000 times in total since its reveal on Wednesday April 3. If you want to bookmark it for yourself, just head right here.

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