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You can go and “play with” Just Cause 4’s tornadoes - see the new engine trailer

just cause 4 mountain setting

Just Cause 4 just got a trailer that shows off all the gorgeous open-world mayhem enabled by Avalanche’s new Apex engine. HDR lighting, interactive weather systems – including an impressive sandstorm – an “unparalleled draw distance” and, of course, “increased fidelity of destruction” are among the many bold but believable claims Avalanche makes about its new tech.

That tornado you see? It’s fully physicalised and interactive. “You go there, you play with it,” as one of the Avalanche devs says. Notably, Avalanche’s collaboration with id Software – Rage 2 – will also run on Apex, the first id shooter to run in someone else’s engine.

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For more on Avalanche’s latest open-world adventure, click here for the Just Cause 4 release date, new screenshots, and all the latest details from E3. Just Cause 4 also has a Steam page and pre-orders are already live, priced £44.99 ($59.99). There’s a gold edition and a digital deluxe edition, too, both of which offer a selection of digital trinkets the absence of which will make no real difference to your experience (though the gold edition also includes the expansion pass).

Here’s the Apex trailer. Check out those draw distances, yo:

Between Ubisoft and Square Enix we’ve seen a fewJust Cause 4 trailers emerge from E3 – go take a look if you’re a fan of grappling hooks, rocket boosters, wingsuits, and balloons.