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Just Cause 4: release date, multiplayer, and what we want to see

just cause 4 release date multiplayer

Rico Rodriguez is well overdue for a comeback. How is it, then, that we’re still waiting for confirmation that Just Cause 4 is in development nearly three years after the series’ third instalment? We’re sorely missing tearing dictatorships apart with an unbreakable grapple hook and only a new Just Cause game can scratch that itch. It’s no secret that Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios are busy working on a big new title, but is it Just Cause 4?

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Join us as we dig up everything we know about Just Cause 4, from its potential release date and whether or not it will have multiplayer, to all the features we want to see from the next game.

Just Cause 4 release date

While there is no concrete information to suggest that Just Cause 4 is in development, Avalanche Studios founder, and creator of Just Cause, Christofer Sundberg has been teasing a colossal-sounding upcoming project for months now. In October 2017, Sundberg tweeted a recruitment call for an experienced game designer for a title that’s due to arrive in 2020.

Seeing as a new The Hunter game released in 2017, that leaves Just Cause, Mad Max, or a new IP as the only likely suspects. A 2020 Just Cause 4 release date also matches up neatly with the development cycle between Just Cause 2 (2010) and Just Cause (3).

Just Cause 4 multiplayer

Multiplayer was one of the most wanted features for Just Cause 3, so much so that a dedicated team of fans created a Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod to fill the void. It seems Avalanche are aware of the hunger for Just Cause 4 multiplayer as another tweet from Sundberg revealed that the devs are taking their sandbox games online and are hiring for a multiplayer team.

Just Cause 4 wishlist

New setting

Whether on San Esperito, Panau, or Medici, the settings of Just Cause games all share a similar setting: sun-drenched, waterlogged paradises ruled by cruel despots. Just Cause 4 could use a bit of a twist for its setting, something to set its visuals and narrative apart from the other games without making any compromises to the gameplay that has made the series so popular.

One suggestion: a fictional version of Iceland with its own liberation struggle to help with, whether that’s a tyrannical monarch, an oppressive religious group, or even some kind of corporatocracy. Iceland boasts some of the most dramatic and diverse scenery in the world with mountains, glaciers, fjords, plateaux, cliffs, and even lava fields. It’s got cities, too, and plenty of towns. With a little curative touch it could be the ideal playground for Rico’s arsenal of gadgets and explosives while also giving the series a Nordic coat of paint.

Just Cause Online

If there’s going to be Just Cause 4 multiplayer then the dream scenario is something akin to Rockstar’s GTA Online. Offering us a quickly cobbled together deathmatch mode just won’t cut it: Just Cause fans want to experience the sandbox in full and see what kind of stunts they can pull off with multiple grappling hooks and tethers all loose in the same space.

It’s not just a multiplayer sandbox, either. GTA Online is practically an MMORPG thanks to its character customisation, ranking system, and innumerable vehicles, properties, and weapons to accumulate - it even has its own spin on raids in the form of co-op heists. A similar progression system would slot in seamlessly with Just Cause 4’s open world, letting you amass an arsenal of hardware at your own customisable base.

More detailed world

Just Cause 3’s sandbox map is a joy to blow to pieces, but whenever you slow down for a moment to take in the world you won’t find a lot of detail. Walk around a liberated town or outpost and you will not find any information about the kind of place it was. Residents only talk to reference Rico’s actions and the most interesting buildings are the ones you destroy in order to free the town in the first place. Outside of urban spaces there are lush forests, winding mountain roads, and miles of gorgeous coastline, but these are lifeless aside from the odd deer. Just Cause 3 has a beautiful world but there’s so little filling it up.

It would be great to see more detail across Just Cause 4’s map; some extra flavour to give Rico’s actions a little more gravitas, make each biome feel more realistic and distinct, and give us a bit more to see and do between each named area on the map. Just Cause 4 should also reward us for venturing off the beaten path with something other than some picturesque scenery to enjoy, whether that’s additional lore hidden away in an abandoned fort, or side missions that you can start by eavesdropping on NPCs.

Cheat codes

Just Cause is built on explosive mayhem, so it’s always seemed odd that the series has never supported cheat codes. Just Cause 4 would be all the better for letting us turn the Michael Bay dial up to 11 with a list of ridiculous hacks for us to enable when we just want to enact as much chaos as possible.

Cheats like low-gravity would cause NPCs to float through the air after being hit by a car. Infinite health and ammo cheats would uncap Rico’s destructive potential, giving you plenty of time to plan out intricate physics takedowns without worrying about the hail of bullets heading your way. Cheats like arming all civilians, making all drivers hyper aggressive, and making cars explode upon impact would all fit the bill, provided your PC can handle the extra work.

That’s everything we want to see from Just Cause 4. What features would you most like Avalanche Studios to implement? Let us know comments below.

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3 Weeks ago

> "More detailed world"

You're expecting a lot from a company nowhere near the size of Rockstar or Ubisoft, so a bit of common sense when you write these articles would be appreciated.