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“Just Cause 4 will not feature multiplayer”


Despite the success of the Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 multiplayer mods, which even got official endorsement by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix, the game’s creative director Franceso Antolini confirmed to us that “Just Cause 4 will not feature multiplayer.”

The news might come as a surprise as Avalanche hired the lead developer of the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod team back in 2016, around the time Just Cause 4 was going into full development.

Turning Just Cause into a multiplayer game must be an incredible challenge, you’re able to tether together strings of objects – many of them explosive – and launch them through world, watching them physically interactive with everything they encounter. The physics calculations on that must be a struggle with only one player causing chaos, let alone multiple.

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Looking at Avalanche’s current slate of games – Just Cause 4, Rage 2, theHunter: Call of the Wild, and Generation Zero – it appears the multiplayer mod developer Cameron Foote must be working on theHunter or Generation Zero, which are both multiplayer games.

Now we just need to wait for Just Cause 4’s release date because even though Foote is now in-house at Avalanche and won’t be able to work on a Just Cause 4 multiplayer mod – which, considering he left the dev team for the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod to focus on his work at Avalanche, is a safe assumption – hopefully another group of fans will.