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Mirror’s Edge meets Dark Messiah in this brilliant new Steam game

Kick Bastards is the perfect mix of Mirror's Edge parkour and Dark Messiah's iconic kick, making a truly solid new Steam platformer.

Kick Bastards Steam: a first-person look at someone jump kicking a skeleton in Hell

Imagine getting a Mirror’s Edge game in Hell where all you want to do is kick the Devil in his stupid face. Well, that’s Steam’s newest indie game Kick Bastards, and it’s a real pleasant surprise to start 2024. On top of that, it’s also got a nifty little sale for the launch week if you want to get in on it now.

I’ve been playing a bit of Kick Bastards after trying out the demo back in 2022, and the best way I can describe it is a playful mix of Mirror’s Edge’s parkour and Dark Messiah’s ever-iconic kicking mechanic. The two blend together in a simple but effective art style that carries you through short but sweet parkour levels, making a platform game you’ve got to play instead of just watching clips on YouTube.

You kick to kill, kick to bounce, kick to grapple, and kick steady yourself. It’s kicks all the way down, and this simple premise goes a long way in execution. Kicking enemies from a distance also pulls you toward them, turning each little bobbing skeleton into an obstacle and platforming opportunity, more than SWAT guys you need to fight like in Mirror’s Edge.

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Kick Bastards does one thing, but it does that so well – that’s why I’m writing about it right now. I love a game all about moving fast and improving your level times, and Kick Bastards has that in spades. Crank that FOV up, keep an eye out for shortcuts (you can already spot some in the trailer), and get to it. You’ve got 48 levels to get through, no pressure.

You can find Kick Bastards over on Steam right now, with a Steam sale knocking 10% off the asking price until Friday, January 12. Expect to pay $13.49 / $11.51.

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