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95% positive-rated wacky shooter gets a Steam sequel, out right now

Kill It With Fire 2 takes your spider-killing adventures to the multiverse, as you and three friends can finally stomp some arachnids.

Kill It With Fire 2 Steam FPS release: A trio of pest controllers from Steam FPS game Kill It With Fire 2

If there’s one thing millions of us hate for a reason we can’t quite pin down, it’s spiders. I’m sure there’s something about the way brain signals bounce around my synapses that makes me uncomfortable just looking at them, but I could do with not knowing the specifics, as dealing with surprise spiders in the home is enough. Imagine then, if you will, a game where you take on these arachnid foes as they control the entire space-time continuum. This is Kill It With Fire 2, out today. At least we can bring friends along.

You and your pals are now inter-dimensional spider hunters. Four of you can hop between the levels of Kill It With Fire 2 and hunt down the eight-legged menace in the FPS game on Steam today. The original game sits at a 95% positive Steam rating from 3,000 reviews, so it’s definitely a series people love.

The sci-fi antics of the sequel mean you can use cutting-edge tech in your fight against the spiders, or you can just use flames, frying pans, or any sort of weapon you can get your hands on. The spiders also don’t look quite normal, and some even have special powers – who said games needed to be realistic?

The sequel also offers up a PvP mode that I fear might put Dead By Daylight to shame, as one of you needs to become what you hate and outsmart your friends. You can scurry around the maps as a spider trying to survive, using webs to slow exterminators down, and jumping from wall to wall to make your escape.

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Luckily for all of us, Kill It With Fire has charming, blocky visuals, so while the spiders might still make your skin crawl, you can rest easy knowing that they don’t look nearly as frightening as they do in real life. Also, I don’t condone going on a spider rampage after reading this, but just like how GTA lets you free yourself of any real-world laws, Kill It With Fire 2 is escapism at its finest.

Kill it With Fire 2 is out now in Steam Early Access with a 10% launch discount until Tuesday April 23, so expect to pay $13.49 / £11.51 until then. There’s also a demo on the Steam page if you want to try before you buy.

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