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One of the best fighting games ever is now free to play on Steam

Iron Galaxy Studios and Xbox Game Studios reveal that iconic fighting game Killer Instinct is now free on Steam and getting an update.

Killer Instinct free game: A pale blue man with short black hair tucked behind a bandana stands with his fist out in front of him

Killer Instinct is back in the limelight, baby. Iron Galaxy Studios and Xbox Game Studios are celebrating the classic fighting game’s ten-year anniversary with a new edition, update, and more. While the game did launch as free-to-play on Xbox back in 2013, we Steam users had to pay for it. With the 10th anniversary celebration underway though, the Killer Instinct base game is now going to be free on all platforms, including Steam.

Iron Galaxy just hosted a stream in honor of Killer Instinct‘s successful decade, detailing a brand-new Anniversary Edition of the fighting game. This edition replaces the older definitive one on Windows, while it takes over on Steam as the new paid version of Killer Instinct. If you’ve already purchased the previous version, don’t fret. Your game will automatically upgrade to the newer edition, both on Windows and Steam.

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition details and information about Xbox, PC, and Steam versions

The new free base game version on Steam comes with one fighter that changes weekly. It feels reminiscent of a lot of other free fighting games like Brawlhalla, where players get to choose from a shifting rotation of characters to play as. The Steam base game also gives you free access to single-player, local, and ranked game modes in Killer Instinct.

On the other hand, the new Anniversary Edition replacing the previous paid version includes all 29 fighters as well as other premium content, like holiday-themed accessories. If you buy this edition, which comes in at $29.99, you’ll also obtain buffs like a permanent ‘VIP booster’ that doubles the amount of XP you earn. Two special Gargos color reskins accompany the celebratory upgrade too, Gargos Golden God and Argent Shroud.

Killer Instinct informational picture from developer showcasing details regarding the Steam edition

Killer Instinct isn’t the first game of the genre to make this sort of switch, with other fighting games like Dead or Alive 5 coming to mind. We also have the accompanying update, patch 3.10, to look forward to alongside the switch, which is surprisingly the game’s first one in over five years. All I need now is Killer Instinct 1 and 2 from the 90s to join Valve’s vast library of games and I’ll be set.

If you feel old now, you’re not alone. Shrug the age off your shoulders while you wait for Killer Instinct to download on Steam and dive even further into nostalgia with a look through some of our other favorite old games. Alternatively, you can browse around a few of our most beloved multiplayer games for something new to pick up and enjoy with friends.

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