Killer Instinct Season 3 gets Halo’s Arbiter and a significant graphical upgrade

Killer Instinct Season 3

As hinted at a few weeks back, Halo’s Covenant hero The Arbiter will be making it onto the roster of rebooted fighting game Killer Instinct with its Season 3 release, the version that is reaching PC. Other than final proof that the world has turned totally inside out, it comes with a full graphical update to KI’s engine, making everything brighter with a bit more pop. Perfect for throwing plasma grenades at the manifestation of an evil dark god, as is today’s videogame wont.

I guess that means there are multiple Halo titles on our upcoming PC games list?

Official confirmation means official trailer, where we see that ol’ Arby (his actual name isThel ‘Vadamee, apparently) isn’t adverse to putting away the magic sword and pulling out a rifle to shoot people into little bits.

I really admire the continued commitment by fighting game developers to put characters with guns in their games. Only Street Fighter seems unwilling, though it has become canon that six or so hand grenades equals about a fifth of your life bar. At least here it’s part of a system that involves skeletal knights, AI CEOs of evil mega-corps and Things From Beyond The Stars – a plasma rifle isn’t the most deadly armament available.

Along with the various new members of the cast, Season 3 also brings with it a significant improvement to how the game looks. There’s a whole blog post dedicated to this and there’s a lot of changes, but the upshot of it all is that stages look much nicer, as do character models, thanks to dynamic lighting and a collection of other tweaks. Technical details, plus those lovely swishy before/after images devs like doing now, at the above link.