King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is XCOM meets D&D, and it hits Steam this month

King Arthur: Knight's Tale was supposed to launch today, but is now set to hit Steam later this month

XCOM kicked off a modern wave of turn-based strategy games, and D&D’s the reason we have computer RPG games at all. There’ve been plenty of strategy-RPGs in the past, but King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is much more explicit about smushing those two particular influences together. The game had success with a modest Kickstarter late in 2020, and it’s now due to hit Steam Early Access later this month.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale enters Steam Early Access on January 26, a few weeks past its previously-planned release date of, erm, today. “In the past few weeks, we here at NeocoreGames have been working on delivering the Early Access version of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale,” the devs say in a press release. “We’re very nearly there. However, there are still a few bumps to iron out, and as a result we’ve taken the decision to push back the Early Access release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale by a few days.”

The devs add that “while we are aware that Early Access is called that name for a reason, we want to ensure everything is polished and bugs are squashed before you begin your adventure in Avalon, and we need a little more time to do that.”

We had a more extensive breakdown of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale last year, but in short, it’s a dark take on Arthurian mythos, where you build a squad of knights to take through an epic campaign. You’ll build your characters’ power through skill trees and equip them with new loot to take on ever-more-powerful enemies.

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You can get an idea of what to expect in the trailer above.