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Dark fantasy RPG clashes with the Roman Empire in new Steam sequel

The Arthurian dark fantasy realm of Avalon is invaded by the Roman Empire in turn-based RPG sequel King Arthur Legion 9, out now on Steam.

King Arthur Legion 9 sees the Roman Empire arrive in the Arthurian tactical RPG - Two members of the legion stand shoulder to shoulder.

If you’re craving that next turn-based RPG hit after Baldur’s Gate 3, the newly released King Arthur: Legion 9 might be just what you’re looking for. A standalone sequel building on the excellent King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Legion 9 follows the fallen commander of the eponymous troop as he sets out on a conquest to found a new empire. Out now on Steam, this new RPG blends tactical combat, base building, and decision making with far-reaching consequences.

In King Arthur: Legion 9, you step into the decaying boots of Gaius Julius Mento, fallen commander of the Ninth Legion, who has arrived in Avalon with the purpose of founding a new empire that he calls Eternal Rome. In order to do so, you’ll need to gather your lost companions and challenge the incumbent power, including the previous game’s protagonist Sir Mordred and the Knights of the Round Table through a campaign packed with moral choices and tactical, turn-based RPG battles.

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Six unique heroes have risen from the abyss to form your party, and of course each comes not only with their own distinct set of traits and skill trees to progress, but also with their own thoughts and feelings, which you’ll have to take into account as key decisions arise throughout your campaign.

On the battlefield, King Arthur: Legion 9 will feel familiar to fans of both Baldur’s Gate 3 and XCOM, with grid-based arenas and all manner of tactical decisions at your disposal. Forge walls to act as cover, place traps to ensnare your foes, and make use of flanking, overwatch, and opportunity attacks to turn the toughest battles in your favor.

Between battles, you’ll build out your own stronghold, Nova Roma. Constructing facilities such as training grounds, a blacksmith, and a war council allows you to further your legion’s might and potential. Hone their skills, forge powerful weapons, and secure the glory of Eternal Rome amid the kingdom of Avalon.

King Arthur Legion 9 - The town of Nova Roma, a Roman-style settlement built along the edge of a river.

While the classic campaign option allows for full freedom of saving (and save scumming) to your heart’s content, if you’re a more hardcore tactician then you can choose to play in a ‘roguelite mode’ where all your decisions – and your deaths – are permanent, with no option to use manual saves.

King Arthur: Legion 9 is out now on Steam, with a 10% launch discount lasting through Thursday May 16. That means you can expect to pay $17.99/£15.07 if you buy it right now, or $19.99/£16.75 after the Steam sale ends. You can also pick up both Legion 9 and the original Knight’s Tale together at a 53% discount for the bundle ($30.58/£25.72).

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