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Kingdom Come mod turns Cpt. Bernard black

kingdom come deliverance inclusive mod

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set during the European Middle Ages, a predominantly white regional period of history. Nonetheless, there’s some historical basis for the idea that people of colour were around at the time, igniting an unfortunately virulent (and now years-long) discussion over whether the game should vary its pasty white cast of characters. Czech developers Warhorse Studios said no, but PC games are all about options, and there’s already a mod for a slightly more diverse Kingdom Come.

Make more changes to your experience with Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s console commands.

The “Inclusive Cpt. Bernard” mod, as the name implies, “diversifies the game world by making Cpt. Bernard an African-American.” I imagine the proper term would be African-Bohemian, but hey, it’s a change. It’s worth noting this appears to be a simple palette darkener rather than an actual change to ethnicity, so even the “African-American” label is a bit off the mark.

The impetus for the mod’s creation appears to be more of a joke than anything, but there’s not much commentary from its creator. I would strongly recommend against reading the comments and bug reports, however.

Mods for Kingdom Come are starting to take shape, with one making changes to the game’s controversial save system. The Seven Kingdoms mod is set to make a total conversion into the Game of Thrones setting, depending on how much the eventual mod tools support. Maybe someday, we’ll even get a mod to make the armour historically accurate.