L.A. Noire could be getting a remaster with first-person and VR support

LA Noire remaster

Rockstar’s crime thriller, L.A. Noire, could be getting the remaster treatment, according to rumours. These whispers have been circulating in the industry for a while now, but it looks like an announcement could be imminent. 

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The rumours started circulating back in January, when a known Rockstar leaker said there was a Nintendo Switch version coming. The insider in question had previously broke news of the Lost and the Damned DLC for GTA 4.  

While it might sound far-fetched, it would make sense for Rockstar as a sales experiment. They could be looking at the Switch for future releases. After all, the developers were big supporters of the PSP, and they’ve dipped more than a toe into mobile gaming. 

This was then backed up by another tipster, who said it was coming to next-gen consoles. If it’s coming to consoles, it’s probably going to appear on PC too, since the architecture is so similar these days, and GTA 5 has sold incredibly well on PC. 

On top of this lot, WWG have heard from three separate sources that the game is coming. It will also have a first-person mode, much like GTA 5 when it was remastered, and it’ll be VR compatible. Imagine those uncanny facial expressions in VR - you’ll be able to practically taste the suspects’ lies.  

WWG writer Liam Robertson has been behind a bunch of accurate industry leaks, including the recent Mario Rabbids crossover announcement on Nintendo Switch. Robertson also broke news of Scalebound’s cancellation.  

There’s no word on release date yet, but an announcement is likely imminent. Unless it gets cancelled and goes the way of Agent and so many other videogame plans. 

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Lolssi avataricheyne avatar
Lolssi Avatar
1 Month ago

Well exploration and interacting is always better from first person so this would be good.

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icheyne(1 day 12 hours played)
1 Month ago

Criminally underrated