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The AIDA64 key that came with your CPU cooler might be sketchy

Manufacturer Lamptron is accused by the developers of the system monitoring software of supplying counterfeit keys with its coolers.

An AIDA64 logo (left) next to a Lamptron CPU cooler (right) against an orange background

Getting a free copy of AIDA64 bundled with your high-end CPU cooler seems like a welcome freebie, particularly when the software can provide data to the LCD panel on your new purchase. However, it appears that manufacturer Lamptron is supplying sketchy licenses to would-be buyers of its products.

Lamptron isn’t well-known for making the best CPU coolers or any components for that matter, but the company has dozens of components equipped with LCD panels listed on its website. Its range includes the likes of hardware monitoring displays, cases, and of course coolers, many of which come with AIDA64 licenses.

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Following an investigation by der8bauer, it appears that Lamptron may not be curating its bundles through entirely legitimate means. After purchasing an ST060 cooler, the hardware YouTuber uncovered some strange limitations with the supplied key, leading to a damning response from the software’s developers when asked for comment.

The AIDA64 license bundled with the ST060 cooler, and other Lamptron products, is specifically for Extreme 6.92. Accompanying the key is a disclaimer, which serves more as a warning, that reads:

“The version is FREE VERSION and does not support online upgrade!!!  if you need the latest AIDA64 software, please go to www.aida64.com to buy.”

At the time of writing, the latest version of AIDA64 extreme is 7.20, making this bundle very much behind the times. Following der8bauer’s attempt to update the software to the latest version, they were instead left with a message inside the application that leaves little room for interpretation: “This is not a legally purchased copy of AIDA64.”

Reaching out to Lamptron, der8bauer did not receive any official response. However, speaking to a representative from AIDA64 on the matter, they received the following statement:

“We understand your concerns regarding the “FREE VERSION” license included with the cooler. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered instances of Lamptron bundling invalid AIDA64 licenses with their products. When we became aware of this, we immediately contacted Lamptron and requested they cease this practice. Although they registered as a reseller two years ago and placed a single order for AIDA64 Extreme, it’s unclear if they ever bundled valid licenses with their devices.”

Since their investigation, der8auer has since contacted several stores in Europe with this information who have promptly ceased all sales of Lamptron products. More damning still, they are allegedly considering legal action against the manufacturer as well. We expect that retailers across North America and other regions will follow suit.

Given the relative obscurity of Lamptron as a CPU cooler brand, the impact of these dealings should be relatively minor. However, it serves as a reminder that you should always exercise caution when buying anything from obscure brands, particularly when it comes to software.

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