If you love Valheim and Frostpunk, this Steam survival game is for you

Land of the Vikings is a blend of Valheim, Northguard, and Cities Skylines, combining colony building with survival, with a full Steam launch incoming.

A bustling village from Steam Survival game Land of the Vikings.

Land of the Vikings seems right up my alley, and it may just be up yours as well if you enjoy city-builders like Cities Skylines or the thrill of survival experiences like Valheim. The game has been out in early access for a little while now, but developer Laps Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive have now shared an exclusive reveal of the full release with PCGamesN.

With the launch of Land of the Vikings 1.0, you can naturally expect to see a mix of improvements and new additions compared to the early access version, including a Viking-inspired story mode and a variety of survival game events to play through. Other features that will debut with 1.0 include a volcanic map, as well as a chaotic new disaster that you’ll have to shield your villagers from.

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I can’t say I’ve ever played a colony management sim as a Jarl, but the prospect is intriguing. In Land of the Vikings, you’ll need to endure harsh natural elements such as tremorous earthquakes and treacherous terrain while ensuring your villagers’ safety. Natural elements aren’t your only enemies, though, as foreign settlements exist for you to conquer or trade with. You’ll also cultivate crops, gather materials, hunt wildlife, and mine all sorts of ores to keep your people thriving.

You can also use Yggdrasil, the game’s technology tree, to improve your colony’s quality of life. Keep in mind that each villager is unique, which means you’ll need to plan how you assign tasks to them depending on their abilities. As the developer says, “not all Vikings are created equal.”

A viking settlement with a totem standing in front of a wooden house

The full release won’t mark the end of the new additions, either. Laps Games says that more is coming “in the near future with an additional map, thrall system, and general UI improvements.” Land of the Vikings will be available out of early access very soon, starting Monday, October 9. It’s also running a 25% discount during its launch week.

You can wishlist it now or purchase the early access version to obtain the full release as soon as it arrives on Steam. I can’t wait to customize my own monuments and ships.

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