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Yogscast gift Landmark to all of Yogventures’ backers


You might still be feeling a little bruised if you backed Yogscast’s Yogventures. The sandbox game project crumbled away as its developers, Winterkewl, realised they’d taken on more than they could manage and their coffers ran dry. Yogscast, who lent their name to the game and endorsed it during the funding stage, have been working to heal some of that hurt since.

To that end they’ve gifted a Landmark beta key to all the project’s backers.

Landmark is SOE’s first foray into sandbox multiplayer, paving the way for the release of Everquest Next, their voxel-based MMO. I’m eagerly waiting the chance to play EverQuest Next as it appears to be a genuinely different MMO, one that, while familiar, breaks a lot of the rules established by World of Warcraft.

In the meantime, Landmark gives you a world to explore and mine for resources. These can then be used to construct buildings that can be shown off and (potentially) sold to other players.

Yogscast have sorted a deal with SOE to give every one of Yogventure’s backers a Settler Founder’s Pack and immediate, permanent access to Landmark’s closed beta.

And, even if you didn’t back the Yogventures, you can claim a seven day free trial to look around the world and see what you’d get from buying a key.

You can claim the key by visiting Landmark’s site via this link.

When Yogventure’s cancellation was first announced backers were given a key to TUG, another sandbox game that was in Early Access on Steam. Many backers weren’t too pleased as they’d already bought TUG. “We’re committed to finding great gaming experiences for the backers who lost out when Yogventures folded and we think Landmark is something they’ll be eager to try out,” Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley wrote in the press release that went out with the Landmark announcement.

Hopefully, between TUG and Landmark, everyone who backed Yogventures has now got something out of the experience.

If you backed Yogventures you should have received an email with details of how to access your goodies.