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Huge Last Epoch roadmap finally details the next four seasons

The Last Epoch roadmap is finally here, detailing the next four seasons of content as Eleventh Hour Games asks for feedback from players.

Last Epoch roadmap: a man in silver knight armor holding a sword

The massive Last Epoch roadmap is finally here, as the Diablo 4 and Path of Exile ARPG rival outlines the future of the game. With transmog and dyes, a plethora of endgame content, some entirely new mechanics, and plenty more gear to unlock, Eleventh Hour Games has a lot on the way. Community feedback is also going to be a key aspect of this roadmap, so EHG wants you to get involved with a poll and let the team know about each Cycle as they arrive.

I’ve got a lot of faith in the Last Epoch roadmap, mainly because Eleventh Hour Games has made such a point of engaging with its playerbase and enacting swift changes based on feedback. It also helps that the future of the action RPG  already looks filled to the brim.

Last Epoch roadmap

Eleventh Hour Games has broken down what we can expect from Last Epoch up to Cycle 1.4, with regular patches, balance and dungeon improvements, bug fixes, and work based on community feedback also planned.

Last Epoch roadmap: a detailed look at what to expect from the last Epoch roadmap

  • Cycle 1.1
    • Harbinger and Pinaccle boss
    • Random Nemesis encounters
    • Dodge roll mechanic
  • Cycle 1.2
    • Primal Hunt endgame events
    • Ancient Era story chapter
    • Primordial uniques
  • Cycle 1.3
    • Monolith of Fate expansion
    • Unique False Echoes
    • New procedural side zones
  • Cycle 1.4
    • Skill sigils introduced
    • New endgame bosses
    • Transmog and dye systems

Eleventh Hour Games notes that a lot of this could change based on player feedback, as the team wants to “continuously monitor how we can improve.” So be sure to let EHG know what you think about what each Cycle contains.

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What you see above isn’t even everything in the Last Epoch roadmap, as EHG says more is being worked on and will be introduced just after updates 1.2 and 1.4. The developer also says that with each new seasonal Cycle, existing characters will be moved to the Legacy realm to give new characters “an even playing field.”

That said, EHG also explains how it wants to let Legacy realm characters conquer the new content, but after some time has passed. “Our current plan for the 1.X series of patches is to bring all content to Offline, Cycle, and Legacy realms; but we also believe in allowing Cycle characters a small bit of time to attempt new pinnacle content before extremely well-geared and optimized Offline and Legacy characters have a chance to showcase just how fast they can conquer it.”

There are no specific dates for the Last Epoch roadmap, but you can find the feedback poll for the roadmap right here.

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