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Last Epoch dev investigating ongoing disconnects and login issues

If you've got a Last Epoch stuck connecting problem, or some loading screen issues, don't worry as Eleventh Hour Games is on it right now.

Last Epoch stuck connecting: a purple robed mage with a staff in their right hand

The Last Epoch 1.0 launch has been another of 2024’s surprise hits alongside the likes of Palworld and Helldivers 2. The Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 rival is a massive success on Steam, but that doesn’t mean the full release has been without its launch and server problems. Developer Eleventh Hour Games is aware of this though, and says that a character screen message is actually “misleading” when it comes to the server status of the game.

If you’ve been having trouble getting into Last Epoch, don’t worry, as Eleventh Hour Games is looking into fixes and improvements for the RPG game.

There have been a few recent messages from the team at Eleventh Hour games in the Last Epoch Discord, as the team has been outlining how it’s currently taking a look at some login problems and the ongoing Last Epoch server status too.

Last Epoch stuck connecting: messages from the devs in the Last Epoch Discord server

“If you are encountering ‘online play unavailable’ at character selection this is currently misleading. The servers are not down but it may take more than one attempt to assign a game server,” Last Epoch game director Judd Cobler writes.

This was followed by a message from an Eleventh Hour Games announcer, saying the team is “Currently in the middle of some back-end deployments to address getting stuck at the character select screen. We expect it will only be down for a short period.”

Since then Cobler has weighed back in, adding that the team is “investigating a rise in disconnects, scene transition failures, and inability to log in.”

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Much like with Helldivers 2, Last Epoch’s problems seem to stem primarily from having too many players, which is often a good issue to have. Since the 1.0 launch, Last Epoch has been on the rise, currently sitting pretty at over 200,000 Steam concurrents.

If you’re just getting started in the Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 rival now that it’s in 1.0, we’ve got everything you need to know about the best Last Epoch builds and a big Last Epoch classes tier list, so you know exactly where to start your adventure.

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