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Last Epoch asks if you want broken, OP builds to be fixed or not

A new Last Epoch player survey has Eleventh Hour Games asking if it should fix bugs that result in overpowered builds, and it's open now.

Last Epoch survey: a blurred isometric forest background, with a sneaky rogue wearing a green bandana

Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games is asking players if they want the team to fix bugs that offer up broken builds in a mid-cycle (Last Epoch’s name for in-game seasons) balance survey. The smash hit Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 rival has had some shaky server issues since the full 1.0 launch, but the team at Eleventh Hour Games continues to be on the pulse with what the game’s community wants from the full release.

The Last Epoch survey asks players questions about the future balancing of the RPG game like, “During a Cycle, you would like us to fix bugs that cause skills or items to highly overperform,” and if “you would like us to nerf skills or items that are highly overperforming, even if it is not caused by a bug.”

Eleventh Hour Games asks players the question of whether the team should fix bugs causing overpowered builds, with the true exception being if these build bugs cause server problems.

“Previously, our decision on the topic of Mid-Cycle balance has been to avoid adjustments to skills and items that are overperforming but are not bugs and to avoid fixing bugs that result in those skills becoming significantly weaker,” Eleventh Hour Games says. “The exceptions here are bugs that cause server stability issues.”

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This philosophy of leaving broken builds intact unless they actively damage stability can be seen with the most recent update, as the Last Epoch patch notes 1.02 fixed the Falconer’s Dive Bomb ability and the Warlock’s Ghostflame from being overpowered, but mainly because they could negatively impact server stability. You’ll find the survey right here.

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