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Last Life gets funded: the dead will walk

Last Life funded

Sci-fi noir adventure game Last Life broke past its $75,000 Kickstarter goal yesterday. It’s currently just shy of $80,000 with eight days left in the campaign. This means that developer Rocket Science can finish episode one, but it’s still $20,000 of it’s first stretch goal: voice overs and interactive flashbacks of Earth. 

Last Life puts players in the well-worn shoes of a dead Martian PI, brought back to life through 3D printing technology, but just for four hours, to enjoy the Dead Man’s Party holiday. But Jack Parker is more interested in spending those four hours hunting down his killer.

Tim Schafer and Double Fine were pretty impressed with the adventure game, and it’s now the second game to get the Double Fine Presents… stamp, with the Broken Age developer expanding into indie publishing.

If Last Life reaches the $125,000 milestone, an interactive map of MarsTopia and a chase scene through the Dead Man’s Party parade will be chucked in. It it hits $150,000, that will fund the second episode.

Have any of you fine folk thrown money at it?