Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a city builder on a mountainside

New city builder Laysara: Summit Kingdom sets you on the side of high mountains, tasking you with managing the production chains and needs of your society

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom showed off a new gameplay trailer at the PC Gaming Show, and it’s looking like an absolutely gorgeous city builder set high atop the steepening slopes of mountains. With some stunning Tibetan architecture, you’ll be building out your settlement in small chunks across patches of open space on the mountainside. You’ll have to maintain and grow your civilization, while also contending with natural hazards such as avalanches.

There are several mountaintops to tackle, each with their own set of challenges – awkward terrain shapes, differing vegetation layouts, varying resource availability, and a variety of increasingly dangerous weather conditions. Some mountains will offer you the opportunity to farm on the greener lowlands of the mountain, while other times you may find yourself extracting valuable minerals and resources from the perilous peaks.

You can build a transport network across your mountain – featuring roads, bridges, and pulley-driven lift networks – to help you get your goods around the mountain. You can also establish trading routes with other towns to help obtain resources you are struggling to get your hands on.

Of course, the most immediate, clear and ever-present danger to your society are avalanches. There’s no way to completely prevent this ferocious force of nature, but you can form both natural and artificial barriers to help redirect the flow of snow, or intentionally trigger avalanches early in an attempt to deal with them at a more manageable level. You might even be able to use the might of nature to your advantage in certain situations.

Developers Quite OK Games says that its game is a “pure city building experience” and as such doesn’t feature any sort of military or combat component. The focus is purely on your society’s economy, needs, resources, and survival in the inhospitable environments.

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