Champions League: League of Legends gets into the football spirit

League of Legends World Cup

Wargaming isn’t the only developer doing something a wee bit special for the World Cup. Riot’s celebrating countries coming together to kick a ball around in the Brazilian heat by releasing five new skins, a ward skin and a summoner icon for League of Legends. 

And these skins aren’t going anywhere once the World Cup is concluded. They’ll be available all year round. 

Here are your footy skins:

  • Sweeper Alistar
  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Striker Lucian
  • Red Card Twisted Fate
  • Superfan Gragas

On top of this, Riot’s travelling through the mists of time to bring back some older football skins, which will be available between now and July 13th, for a fee.

  • All-star Akali – 975 RP
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank – 520 RP
  • Striker Ezreal – 520 RP
  • Red Card Katarina – 975 RP

If you are a bit football mad, you can grab them all and save a bit of money. The Soccer Swag Bundle gives you a 20 percent discount, and will set you back 2392 RP, or 4992 RP if you need to buy the champions.